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At KIDS Childcare + Preschool, we worked closely with early childhood experts, architects, designers and university researchers to ensure that our learning space encourages children to feel safe, imagine, discover, take risks, be curious, construct, explore their senses, and have fun in their home away from home.

Kids’ Five Senses

From an early age, kids explore using all their senses. We give them every opportunity to explore and learn more about their world around them.

Learning By Sight At Daycare


Learning By Tasting In Daycare


Learn By Smell At Daycare


Learning By Touch At Daycare


5 Pillars of Kids Childcare + Preschool

Learn through Play (Social, Emotional, Communication, language and literacy, Cognitive, Physical)

Reggio Emilia (Inquiry-Based Learning)

Nutrition Education + Preschooler Cooking (Healthy Eating, Daily Cooking)

Life Skills (Toothbrushing, Planting, Treating a Wound, Making an Emergency Call, etc.)

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)

Learning with Feeling At Daycare

Kids Sixth Sense


KIDS Inc. fosters an environment where kids will naturally feel at home.

They feel safe, cherished and respected.

Parents will see that their kids are excited to arrive each day and can’t wait to come back when they leave.

Our Ecosystem Appeals to all 5 Senses

Areti has created a truly unique environment for our kids.

Transparency, Nature, Simplicity, Calmness

High-end sound system in every classroom, the Kitchengarden, the main hallway and the Playground. Kids Classical and Jazz Music throughout the day, O’Canada at 9 am every day. Kids laughter throughout the day.

Our Aroma scent diffuser of natural oils from flowers and herbs (no chemicals) add a zen and relaxing touch to our beautiful atmosphere. The scents emanating from our Kitchengarden with all the yummy, healthy and nutritious menu items created by none other than our founder Areti.Everything is cooked inside the school and made from scratch every day

Broad and never-ending variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats from local farms and the list goes onTake a look at our menu on our web site, it speaks for itself

The sensory experience at our school is truly unique – natural wood environment, glass partitions between each classroom, little fingers learning how to cook and feeling every single ingredient flow between their hands.


This unique, custom-designed space is where our children connect food with learning and play each day.


We have rooms designed for infants, toddlers, and Jr. and Sr. preschoolers.

Junior Toddler Classroom At Kids Childcare In Vaughan

The KIDS junior toddler room has been designed to provide children and their superhero caregivers with a caring and stimulating environment. We have organized the space and materials to create an environment that supports and immerses participants in play. We will guide—and be guided by—our infants in developmentally appropriate, engaging activities planned to stimulate brain and body development.

  • Singing songs and saying rhymes that involve babies’ body
  • Strength, balance and coordination activities
  • Auditory and visual experiences
  • Activities that stimulate left and right brain development
  • Self-regulation and concentration activities
  • Skills encouragement including sitting, crawling and walking
Toddler Classroom At Kids Childcare In Vaughan

The KIDS senior toddler room has been designed to provide children and their Educators/Superheroes a unique experience learning and playing together.

We “bring the outdoors in” and with spaces for children to dig and plant, pour and measure, reflect and refract light, and experiment using all of their senses. These experiences help to build a connection with nature and develop key foundational skills.

  • Singing songs and rhymes
  • Movement and language development
  • Strength and balance activities for gross motor development
  • Auditory and visual experiences
  • Coordination games
  • Activities that enhance left and right brain growth
  • Opportunities to increase concentration and attention span
  • Gross motor play equipment
Jr Preschooler Classroom At Kids Childcare In Vaughan

Sr Preschooler Classroom At Kids Childcare In Vaughan

The KIDS Jr. and Sr. Preschooler transition rooms are designed to provide children a unique experience learning and playing under the guidance of experienced Superheroes.

These experiences help children build a connection with nature and develop key foundational social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

Through play, children investigate, discover, inquire, solve problems and learn. Our educators/Superheroes organize space and materials to create an environment that supports and immerses participants in play.

  • Circle time to learn songs and rhymes
  • Language modelling and development, both expressive and receptive
  • Strength and balance activities for large motor development
  • Guidance developing mutually respectful relationships
  • Multiple opportunities to explore a variety of natural materials
  • Develop a sense of wonder through experimentation: water, sand, soil, and light
  • Opportunities to increase concentration and attention span
  • Role-play and creative use of imagination through stories and games


Inspired by the The 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design™ developed in partnership between Utah State University & Playcore.

Through thoughtful design we assist children in experiencing the value of play and in turn build better humans to help the next generation experience the wonders of play.

We partnered with playground experts with decades of experience because we believe play offers dynamic, hands-on experiences that provide people of all ages opportunities to explore, learn, and make connections within their community, for meaningful relationships.

  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Sensory
  • Communication

It is through play that we inspire the mental and emotional mind, motivate the physical body, and discover an awareness of spirit and equality. Now more than ever, it is critical to study play behaviour, seek knowledge on the power of play, and promote best practices that advocate lifelong play across nations.

We believe that play is fundamental in the development of healthy children.

Our indoor and outdoor gardens enable kids to get hands-on experience digging, planting, watering and caring for things that grow including vegetables, herbs, flowers and vines.

Play should involve the opportunity to bring physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive and communicative experience to the environment

Educators/Superheroes’ Lounge

At KIDS Inc., we value our Superheroes. After all, they are the ones to whom we entrust our children.

To our team, work feels more like a calling. These Superheroes pour their hearts and souls and give their everything every day for the children in our care.

At KIDS Inc., we value, respect and take good care of our entire team of everyday Superheroes.

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