Our Promise to Parents

Beloved Parents,

We will support you in raising your kids with the love and care that we provide to our own children.

At KIDS, we understand the demands placed on modern working parents and the challenges of balancing home, work and what’s best for our children.

As parents ourselves, we know that there is no greater comfort than the confidence that your children are being cared for in a nurturing, stimulating and safe environment. With KIDS Childcare and Preschool, you will have that comfort each and every day.

We will provide the best care, nutrition and education in a safe, modern environment. We have redefined what childcare is meant to be with our innovative vision for children, parents and educators.

At KIDS Childcare and Preschool, you will have that comfort each and every day.

All we have is love, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Areti Gagaoudakis
Co-founder and Chief Kids Officer

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What are your hours of Operation?
We are at your service from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm.


Do you charge late fees?
Never! We don’t believe in late fees. Parents have enough stress as it is.


Are you open throughout the year?
Yes! We are open year-round excluding weekends and statutory holidays.


Do you have a summer program?
Yes, we run a year-round program. We also offer summer programs during the months of July and August for school-aged children up to age six. Your child does not need to be a current student to register.


I don’t see your fees on your website. What are your prices?
Our fees vary depending on the needs of individual parents and their children. We have part-time or full time options. We are priced reasonably and competitively and offer the best quality care, education, safety and fun for your kids. Book a visit and tell us more about your needs.


Why is Learn through Play better than other methods?
Children’s brain development within their first five years will essentially determine the trajectory of the rest of their lives. Our curriculum and life-skills approach seizes the opportunity to shape the our kids potential while they have fun.


Do you accommodate part-time care?
Yes, we do. We are here for parents and their individual needs


Do your centres offer the government subsidy?
Most of our centres allow for subsidy through the provincial government. All subsidy requests must go through the province/region and we are happy to help you with the paperwork.


Why have you decided to place such a big focus on kids exploring and discovering food and ingredients?
Younger children feel empowered when they help adults. Seventy-one percent of parents with kids aged two to five say their children want to help with simple chores. We at KIDS discovered that 40 percent of parents say that their kids ask to help them prepare meals as well.


Why have you decided to place such a big focus on nutrition?
Nine out of ten parents agree that they would like their kids to eat more fresh foods than packaged foods. But the thing is, they can’t control what their kids are being fed outside the home. When it comes to their kids, parents expect society to pay as much attention to food as they do.


Is your team trained in CPR and First Aid?
Yes, all staff are certified in standard first aid and infant child CPR.


Do you screen your staff?
Thoroughly. Our staff complete all the requirements mandated by the respective provincial governments in order to work in our centres. All educators and employees are required to have a clear and current criminal reference check, including vulnerable sector screening which is updated regularly after they join our team of Superheroes. Many of our early educators have received additional training and are certified by an educational institution such as a University or College. Furthermore, all centre staff hold certifications in CPR and First Aid Training.


What exactly does Learn through Play mean?
A natural drive to play is universal across all young mammals, from lion cubs playfully wrestling and baby monkeys jostling, to kittens rolling a ball of yarn. These young ones are exploring their world through play in a manner similar to humans.

Play is a crucial vehicle for exploring and learning, developing new skills, building relationships and connecting with others.

Play has key neurological, cognitive, socio-emotional and physiological benefits for children’s health. Pretend play has been linked to creativity and creative problem-solving.

Play has been described as practice in divergent thinking, because in play, children are constantly coming up with new ideas and recombining them to create novel scenarios.

Most importantly, play is the way in which children form loving, trusting relationships. There is a close link between play and healthy cognitive growth.

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